Importance of Property Management

Managing your property is very important and we can provide this service to you.

Buying a house abroad is an exciting experience. Enjoying your own place in a nice coast city like Bodrum, having your drinks while watching sea views on your garden or balcony, swimming in your pool, etc. These are fun part.

On the other hand, there are also responsibilities of having a property. Maintaining a villa or apartment is not as easy as it seems, especially it is not permanently occuppied.

We have been providing extra services to our clients, and one of these services is called “Property Management”

Property management is a very important job, when your property is unoccuppied.Other companies also provide similar services.

This service includes almost all of the actions that an owner normally does.

Your key is held by the company that you hire, and your property is visited regularly.

Your bills and taxes are followed up, insurance policies are renewed.

If your property is in a complex, complex fees are paid, any kind meetings are attended and so on.

From our point of view, most important part is periodical checks. For example, this winter we had so much rain in Bodrum, so we checked our clients’ properties more than regular. Drain pipes stuck with leafs, corrupted paint, corrupted plasters around windows cause water leaks, and finding your property in a bad and smelly state when you come for holiday is not very amusing, as you can imagine.

If there is a damage in the property and it is covered by insurance, first you contact the insurance company. They assign an expert to come to property and make necessary inspections, then your damage is covered. Of course, sorting this out from UK is not very easy, but if you have property manager, it will be done for you.

Annual property management fees are around 300 to 500 GBP in Bodrum. The charges vary according to the services that are provided.

Serious amounts of investment is made for a property, and very few us have endless money, so this investment should be taken care of very well.

It can be done much easier with a property manager. Keep this in mind when you have a property in Bodrum. 

We provide property management services with our experienced team.

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